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Communicate Your science – Tips for Making it Right!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Whether you are writing an abstract or a short piece about your research, apply the following principles to deliver a clear message:

  1. Use the “funnel" principle. You start by describing the big picture and explaining the broad concept that you are discussing. Gradually filter down to the more specific and important details.

  2. When writing text, try to be as explicit as possible, and use simple language that is direct to the point.

  3. Always keep professional jargon and acronyms to a minimum.

  4. When writing a manuscript, each paragraph should discuss one idea or concept only. For a new idea or concept, start a new paragraph!

  5. It’s important to know your audience and make sure that the language that you use, matches the audience. If you are writing for consumers, use simple language that would be understood widely. If you are writing for trained personnel, with expertise in the subject area, then more technical language would be appropriate.

  6. As you reach the end of your manuscript, use 1-2 lines that summarize your message.

  7. When creating an abstract for a manuscript, highlight the main findings and the ‘take home message’. An abstract needs to be attention-grabbing and accurately communicate and summarize your manuscript.

By adopting these simple principles, you will be able to effectively communicate your science to a wide population.

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