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Medical Education Materials

Grab Attention to Inform Clinical Decision Making

At Cliniture, we specialize in developing comprehensive medical education materials tailored to specific stakeholders or broader audiences. Our team of expert medical writers produce clinical content for a wide range of therapeutic and medical education collaterals, including abstracts, posters, physician brochures, educational slide decks, and more. As subject matter experts with decades of medical writing experience, we ensure your materials effectively convey complex medical concepts to grab your target audience’s attention and inform decisions.

Cliniture Advantages


Record of MDR
Audit Success




Experience with various

Notified Bodies  


Subject Matter Experts, Spanning Complex Fields 


Experience with High- and Low-risk Medical Devices


Commitment to

Meeting Deadlines



Professional & Creative

The Challenge

Clinical Publications

Developing effective medical education materials can be a costly and time-consuming process, as it presents various challenges, including ensuring accuracy, clarity, and coordination between many stakeholders. Furthermore, different types of materials, such as abstracts, posters, and slide decks, require specific formatting, content considerations, and design elements to effectively communicate information to diverse audiences.


Overcoming these challenges demands expertise in medical writing, instructional design, and graphical presentation, as well as a thorough understanding of educational objectives and target audience needs.


This is where Cliniture can help.

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How Cliniture helps

As subject-matter experts, we craft high-quality medical education materials that effectively convey your messaging to diverse target audiences.


  • Content writing and proofreading

  • Educational and training slide decks

  • Scientific abstracts and posters

  • Physician brochures and flyers

  • Scientific & congress slide decks

  • Symposia speaker decks 

“We engaged Cliniture's services to revise clinical evaluation documents and develop PMCF and Clinical Development plans for MDR certification. Lihi and her team were highly motivated and dedicated, and were also very proffesional. They demonstrated an open-minded attitude, and excellent communication skills. Importantly, they adhered to the committed due date, ensuring a timely and efficient process.” 

Malki Epel, VP QA & RA, Taryag Medical

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