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Literature Review

Gain Comprehensive Literature Review Reports
to Guide Your Clinical Development

We specialize in systematic, narrative and state-of-the-art (SOTA) literature reviews for startups and established companies, catering to various needs, from exploring new indications to developing clinical protocols. Our transparent, efficient approach ensures high quality standardized data outputs, ideal for both CERs and broader industry insights.

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The Challenge

Literature Reviews

Literature reviews, including narrative and systematic reviews, are vital for clinical evaluation and PMS processes. They involve structured extraction, appraisal, and analysis of the clinical evidence. While State-of-the-Art (SOTA) reviews may not be an entirely new requirement, their importance has grown significantly in the context of MDR, and the acceptability of the benefit-risk ratio according to MDR should be based on SOTA reviews.


Still, challenges arise in conducting searches, appraising study quality, justifying the search terms, and synthesizing diverse evidence sources. Ensuring review accuracy, relevance, and currency demands expertise and access to up-to-date databases. Additionally, it requires interpreting conflicting evidence and maintaining objectivity when faced with ongoing challenges in literature and SOTA reviews. 


This is where Cliniture can help. 

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How Cliniture helps

Our dedicated team of expert medical writers offers comprehensive assistance in literature searches and reviews, ensuring the highest standards of clinical evidence appraisal and analysis to guide your clinical development. 

  • Research strategy, plan & scope

  • Literature search, selection, data extraction & analysis 

  • Clinical writing & updates

  • Systematic and narrative literature reviews

  • SOTA reviews

  • New application investigation

  • New protocol investigation

  • Medical guideline review

  • Scientific literature background for your new product or future research

  • Data collection for regulatory purposes & CER submission

  • Outcome parameters and acceptance criteria based on SOTA

“We engaged Cliniture's services to revise clinical evaluation documents and develop PMCF and Clinical Development plans for MDR certification. Lihi and her team were highly motivated and dedicated, and were also very proffesional. They demonstrated an open-minded attitude, and excellent communication skills. Importantly, they adhered to the committed due date, ensuring a timely and efficient process.” 

Malki Epel, VP QA & RA, Taryag Medical

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